VP of Content and Product Engagement

Job description

This remote role can be located in the United States or Canada

Recently named a Best Place to Work in Chicago, EnsembleIQ is the premier resource of actionable insights and connections powering business growth throughout the path to purchase. We help retail, technology, consumer goods, healthcare and hospitality professionals make informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage. EnsembleIQ delivers the most trusted business intelligence from leading industry experts, creative marketing solutions and impactful event experiences that connect best-in-class suppliers and service providers with our vibrant business-building communities. To learn more about EnsembleIQ, visit ensembleiq.com.

About The Role: You’re an experienced content engagement and product engagement data analyst and strategist, skilled in partnering with key stakeholders to define content engagement, product engagement and product experience goals that incentivize activities fueling revenue growth. As a member of the EnsembleIQ Senior Leadership Team, you will collaborate with shared services and business unit leaders to define these strategic goals. You’ll continuously audit and analyze content engagement and product engagement data to provide leaders and their teams with clear, prioritized, actionable insights and recommendations guiding execution of tactics including SEO to achieve these goals. You will also continuously research competitor content engagement trends and benchmark them against EnsembleIQ trends to identify challenges and opportunities and define and drive execution of strategies for EnsembleIQ to address and exploit them. You’re also confident in providing brand leaders and sales representatives with data, insights and recommendations to help them guide customers toward purchasing solutions to achieve their business goals. This position reports to the Executive Vice President of Content and Communications and works closely with Audience Development, Content, Digital Operation, Marketing, Membership and Subscriptions and brand directors.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Collaborates with business leaders to develop content engagement and product engagement goals fully aligned with overarching business growth objectives, providing analysis and recommendations, and helping drive execution of those recommendations

  • Continuously audits and analyzes content engagement and product engagement and monetization data, providing actionable recommendations to guide execution

  • Identifies and tracks key industry competitors and evaluates their strategies to determine best practice and areas of opportunity across the business

  • Identifies and recommends measurable activities to achieve goals — continuously refining activities as needed to optimize for business growth

  • Develops trusting relationships with shared services and brand directors to identify and prioritize audience engagement and product monetization challenges and opportunities for research, analysis and delivery of recommendations -- for ad / sponsor supported brands and paid subscription / membership product development

  • Supports brand directors and their sales teams with data, insights and recommendations they can leverage to guide customers toward tailored solutions that fulfill their business needs

  • Conducts internal research and analysis projects supporting individual customer relationships, addressing product and content engagement challenges — at times specific to brands, for collections of brands, or for the entire company

  • Develops, presents, distributes and manages feedback for an ongoing series of internal playbooks defining best practice content, sales and marketing tactics to achieve content engagement and product monetization goals

  • Partners with key departments to define and periodically reevaluate requirements for access to content engagement and product monetization data, reports and analysis tools and to assure fulfillment and support of those capabilities

Job requirements

  • 10 years experience in analyzing, reporting on, and developing business recommendations from content and product engagement data across B2B/B2C digital, event and print products, ideally including experiences with paid subscription/membership products

  • Expertise in the knowledge and use of use of customer data, web analytics, social media, multichannel, marketing automation, and other business intelligence areas of focus and platforms to develop actionable insights from data trends

  • Proven ability to develop innovative and valuable data-driven content engagement (website, newsletter, social, audio, video) and sales strategies

  • Excellent collaborator proven capable of quickly developing trusting, productive relationships both with stakeholders at all levels of an enterprise as well as with external customers

  • Demonstrated ability to write clear, understandable, compelling, highly-visual and actionable research and analysis reports for non-technical recipients, and to deliver them with confidence in an engaging fashion to excite and motivate stakeholders responsible for taking action

  • Critical thinker able to distill complex, disparate ideas into simple, provocative and actionable recommendations — and willing and able to take a stand and advocate for specific actions

  • Superior listening skills, connecting with stakeholders to understand their challenges and set the agenda for future research and discussions

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